WetsuitThe Bay Area's Wetsuit applicator

The patent-pending WetSuit® System is a water-based, instant cure, seamless roofing and waterproofing membrane coating. It is spray applied requiring no flashing and no chemical or mechanical fastening.

The Healthier and Safer Coating Alternative

The low-pressure, cold spray applied, non-flammable features of WetSuit® eliminate job hazards such as torches, solvents and heavy equipment.

Unrivaled Versatility / Monolithic / Fully Adhered

WetSuit® is ideal for a variety of applications such as foundation waterproofing, waterproofing decks and elevated driveways, waterproof decks, shower pans and much more.

LEEDWetSuit projects can earn the following LEED credits:

Sustainable Sites, Credit 7:
Landscape and exterior design to reduce heat islands

Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite, Credit 2:
Minimal energy performance

Energy and Atmosphere, Credit 1:
Optimize energy performance