How We Work

We waterproof many types of projects in a similar manner, we flash, usually with galvanized sheet metal, but also with 20 oz. copper and stainless steel. Our flashing includes door pans, deck to wall, edge metal, and a variety of other flashing components as the job dictates.

Over the flashing, as well as the substrate joints, we apply a “ 3-course treatment”.
It consists of a coat of air-cure WetSuit®, a polyester roofing fabric, and another coat of air-cure WetSuit®.

You can see in the picture that we are waterproofing over pressure treated plywood and an old waterproof membrane.
WetSuit® is water based and adheres to almost anything.

Next we spray apply 2-part WetSuit® which creates a single pass fully adhered monolithic membrane.

We now apply a final coat of air-cured WetSuit® and can lay protection board, apply a sand coat, or paint with
“cool roof” paint depending on the job requirements.