Aqua Stop Waterproofing can provide you with roofing solutions utilizing the WetSuit® System. WetSuit® is a lightweight, water-based. non-flammable, cold-spray applied membrame which makes it an excellent roofing material. It is lightweight and adheres to most roof surfaces, which often eliminates the need to tear off the existing roof, thereby reducing installation costs. Since it is cold-spray applied, it also eliminates typical roofing job hazards such as torches and solvents.

WetSuit® is an excellent roofing solution for commercial buildings as well as flat roofed styled homes.

After flashing and 3-course treating seams, penetrations, skylights, solar stanchions, and other equipment We spray with 2-Part Wetsuit to a minimum of 60 mils. Then paint with “cool roof’ elastomeric paint per Title #24.

Because of its rapid curing, WetSuit® can be sprayed over any contours, up walls and overhead.