Living Roofs

FM testing proved to put WetSuit® in a class of its own. With a wind uplift of an unheard of Class 1-990, Class A Fire Rating, a high puncture resistance and 1600% elongation, WetSuit® exhibits unrivalled quality. In addition, WetSuit® is proven as a viable Air and Vapor Barrier. With very low perms, WetSuit® can be employed not only in below grade applications and roofing, but in between as a seamless, fluid applied vapor barrier as well.

This just one possible assembly for a living roof, that WetSuit can be applied to. View Larger Version

Living roof ready for planting, waterproofed with WetSuit®

WetSuit® is the ideal waterproofing treatment in preparation for a living roof, lightweight and non-toxic. Planting can begin within 24 - 48 hours of spraying.