The Bay Area's Wetsuit applicator

Aqua Stop is the only local applicator of Wetsuit, a remarkable waterproofing product recognized by the US Navy, San Francisco City Architects and Bay Area Contractors alike as the go to product for nearly all waterproofing needs . Robust and adhesive it can be sprayed, or applied by hand to virtually any substrate. Self-extinguishing with Class A fire rating, Wetsuit’s instant cure technology (85% cured in three seconds) allows us spray up walls and even overhead with no sag.

Wetsuit is a monolithic fully adhered system, no seams to fail, quick ( we can spray 1500 sq. ft. an hour once prepped) with almost no odor. Most importantly to us, besides its versatility ( from foundations and carports to garden roofs), is Wetsuits environmentally friendly nature. Nontoxic and rigorously tested you can offer your customer a truly “green” product.

Water based with ZERO VOC’s we are able to apply it over existing waterproofing systems that have failed. Saving you the cost of re- sheathing. Uncured concrete, PT plywood, OSB, even moist substrates are not a problem for Wetsuit.

Aqua Stop can help you solve your most difficult waterproofing problem., We offer in-house flashing , free consultation and over 60 years’ experience in the construction industry, including over 30 in waterproofing.